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Last year, Isadora, with 13-year old, leaves the anonymity and by doing that, she mobilizes tons of people  from different sectors all over the country with her  deep desire for structural and educational  improvements for  her school.  Crossing the border of the school she started to be seen on the local newspaper, television and even some other countries.  Firm and convicted that it was the right thing to do, her example turns into a “homework” to many students who share the same ideas of Diario de Classe. Now the students begin to adopt Isadora’s attitude demanding their right to education.

Supported by her family, Isadora, earns recognition of the authorities, influent people and expands her ideal.

Isadora Faber e sua história

Isadora Faber, a 14-year old student from Escola Básica Municipal Mária Tomázia Coelho in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina State, started on July 11, 2012 to write a fan page called “Diario de Classe – A verdade”. Aiming to show the problems of her school she didn’t think twice and using her cell phone started taking pictures to bring the world the real truth about her school situation. All the hidden problems, were revealed through texts and pictures in Diário de Classe  fan page A clear and dynamic speech called the attention of authorities, media and the local people. She had quickly turned on a celebrity of social causes, and her school Maria Tomázia became more dignified and a less abandoned place.

She was special invited guest in many TV Shows, seminars and earned some awards. Now Isadora Faber isn’t alone for this cause. In November 2012, Isadora is chosen to be one of the 25 Brazilians to be honored on Facebook page “Um bilhão”, a group of selected people, like presidents and ministries who positively contribute to society. In early 2013, the traditional British newspaper, The Financial Times, indicates Isadora Faber as one of the 25 most influent personalities in Brazil. In March, 2013, Isadora Faber together with distinguished Brazilian personalities is awarded by the famous newspaper O Globo, in Education category, with the prize “Faz diferença”.