Our Goals

ONG Isadora Faber

Our Goals

Nowadays, Diário de Classe fan page counts up to 620,000  likes and some of its publishings in facebook may reach over 700.000 visualizations. With all this repercussion, Isadora end up receiving a growing number of denunciations and help requests from students of Brazilian schools facing all sort of difficulties.

As the founder of  Diário de Classe  fan page, Isadora Faber had a busy agenda during the last year, taking part in major educational events through all the country, giving her an extraordinary life experience. Having the support of people willing to help her, Isadora Faber is now convinced that it is time to give a step ahead. Her willpower allied to her restlessness teenager spirit, brought to life the NGO Isadora Faber.

Here are the main goals of  the NGO Isadora Faber:

  1. -Education Projects;

  2. -Organize mini courses providing professional assistance for students like: Filming, photography, first AID, antidrug campaign, and use of internet as a main research tool.

  3. -Set up continuing professional development and extense courses for teachers;

  4. -Organize lectures to students, teachers, parents and school directors;

  5. -Create the national award prize for the best students, promote website and virtual libraries;

  6. -Raise funds through donations to be invested in public schools. Receive desktops, notebooks and other material which can be used in teaching process;

  7. -Create computer labs in public schools;

  8. -Provide assistance to people in a need;

  9. -Visit schools in a bad condition e find viable solutions, analyzing case by case;

  10. - Provide digital inclusion on poor schools.